CCT course Testimonial Sarah Farelly and Olivia Gidman


Johanna Heinrich

When I ran into Valerie and heard about her teaching it I didn't have to think twice. Once you've met her you know why. I'm so grateful that the course happened and that she was my teacher. We had a lot of time for practicing and getting comfortable with giving massages, she was always there to help us out, give feedback and advice. She is very structured and organized which helps a lot to learn the sequence. The manual and course design was perfect and I could really see and feel that she was fully invested in the course. She made sure that everyone was comfortable to give a massage after those few days. If you have the chance to spend a few days with her and learn with and from her - do it! It's a one in a lifetime experience and I cannot recommend it enough. I am still amazed what I've learned in such a short time but with the right person everything is possible

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Danny Taylor

Before meeting Valerie, i could feel I was about to meet someone special. I also knew even before my first Chi Core Therapy session from Valerie that I would be doing the course with her,as if it was a calling......
And how grateful I am to her to that I did. Just meeting Valerie is a blessing on it's own and to have been able to learn CNT from her is one of life's most precious gifts. The course is so well designed with a perfect flow that all sinks in directly making students ready and confident to become practitioners.
Chi Nei Tsang is such a powerful tool which will help benefit the lives of so many others across the globe.
The love and care Valerie puts into the course, materials and students is priceless and will be cherished forever...My teacher, my beautiful friend.


Ali Choi

I highly highly recommend Valerie's Chi Core Therapy course! If you get a chance to take this course from her, don't miss your chance! Not only is she super knowledgeable, but she truly embodies the love and healing energy as a therapist and teacher. She makes learning easy with her beautiful visuals and well thought out manual. And the course is designed for you to be able to give full sessions right after you finish your training. Thank you so much for the valuable lessons and sharing this important healing modality with me and the other students! You are a treasure!

Testimonial Matteo Morozzo


Hyun Won Hong

I signed up for Valerie's Chi Nei Tsang course hoping to improve my healing techniques. Her course was significant for my bodywork journey. I've been practicing bodywork and energy healing seperately but she showed me the way how to practice bodywork and energywork together. Valerie is a teacher with a fluent knowledge of Chi Nei Tsang and a variety of other energy healing modalities. She clearly knows what she's doing and why. Not only was the course both fun and challenging but Valerie’s direct feedback for improving my Chi Nei Tsang was invaluable. She has a calm and logical method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me. I can’t speak highly enough of this course.


Csilla Kirchner

I came to Koh Phangan for some life changes with no expectation. When I had seen the sign about Chi Nei Tsang course of Valerie, I knew it right away that is what I need and I was right. Valerie is so kind and helpful from the very first moment. The course was just like a beautiful big flow. Amazing the way how Valerie was teaching us in few days this unique healing technique. All movements and explanation was so clear and naturally simple and understandable. Danny was great help to Valerie and the whole group had a special energy from all over the world helping to learn. I feel this course was an exciting, wonderful start for my emotional and physical transformation, understanding better, getting much closer to myself, finding great passion and joy by helping people. Valerie is a magical woman, a kind person and a great inspiration. Thank you again!


Paul Gorman

I just completed Valerie’s Chi Nei Tsang week long course. This was a fully hands on and theory
based workshop with lots of interaction with other course members. I have to say it was a wonderful
experience and I learned and felt so much about my own body that had been a mystery for years.
Valerie was very detailed and precise with all aspects of teaching the course. Her unique visuals and
coloured manuals keep us right on track for the sequence we learned throughout the week. Valerie
and her assistance Danny put a lot of emphasis on precision which made us really work to press the
right points in the body with the right pressure. After only one week with a practical exam at the end
I feel confident enough to be able to give a CNT session to others and I’m looking forward to
integrating this more into my life.


Kya Killasisa

I am very grateful to Valerie for the Chi Nei Tsang workshop . She is one of the best teachers I've ever met. Valerie explains everything in detail and teaches the right touch.
Valerie has a very pleasant energy, and she is a master of her craft. I`m so happy and grateful for the gift of meeting such a beautiful soul.


Sarah Louise

Whilst on holiday in Koh Phangan I attended the training with Valerie in Chi Nei Tsang. This course exceeded my expectations and was amazing. Valerie is a wonderful teacher having a calm and patient nature. She made sure we all understood what we were learning and had got the flow going.
I would highly recommend her if you want to be trained in this wonderful treatment. It's great to receive and give.

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Olivia Gidman

So much gratitude to meet this beautiful women and to receive teachings from her with this powerful work. The time, effort and love dedicated to make the manual and presentations doesn't go unnoticed and will be invaluable when you start giving sessions. You will be able to follow it with ease, feeling confident to provide sessions straight after the course

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Tatyana di Salvo

I’m so happy that my path crossed Valerie’s path. I’m even super surprised how Valerie takes care of her students. I felt in a space space and Valerie is passionate. In five days I learned things about my physical body that I was not even imagining. In some way this course helped me to heal parts of myself. In five days a lot of emotions came out of myself, a lot of dreams and memories. Really intense and super beautiful.

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Taina Koskimaki

I knew, that I had tension in my stomach. Some old, heavy, emotions were stuck there. I thought that the Chi Nei Tsang, training could be the answer to me and to my pains in my stomach. Our teacher; Valerie, is a real Pearl. Her calmness and tranquility helped me to relax and learn a lot about my belly. Now I have tools how to take better care of myself. And also I learned to give session to other people! I am so enthusiastic about this method, so happy to practise and start giving sessions. Warm, big, thank you Valerie!


Jessa Christo

Thanks you so much valerie. Everything was so organized and efficient and i feel so grateful to have found you as my teacher. I loved and love it so much. I can't recommend your course enough!

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Matteo Morozzo

I highly recommend this course led by Valerie as she is very precise in her teachings and details to make it very easy and accessible for you to get a great amount of information that you need to absorb in order to give this kind of sessions. Valerie has all the knowledge especially the energy and commitment to pass on this technique and beautiful lineage of teachings.