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For Women

Karsai Nei Tsang focuses on blockages in the genital area. Something that is rarely talked about Our sexual organs play a major role in our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Because every part of the body is connected, tensions in one area have an effect on the rest of the body. This is also true for the genitals. When the genitals suffer from blockages, the jing chi (sexual chi) is not free to circulate through the body. The body is then deprived of this powerful healing energy. In a Karsai Nei Tsang session, Chi Nei Tsang and genital massage is combined with elements of myofascial therapy and kinesiotherapy.

Karsai Nei Tsang improves hormonal balance. A healthy balance of hormones in turn stimulates sexual and brain functioning. When we have healthy hormonal function we are given some protection against many age related problems such as memory loss, back pain, poor circulation, decreased libido and problems associated with menopause. A session can  can help with problems such as menstrual cramps, PMS, infertility, pelvic neuralgia, constipation, pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence, dyspareunia, vaginitis, vestibulodynia and pelvic organ prolapse.

What I was carrying around—this dark sadness and self loathing I’d internalized as a side effect of a horrible time I went through in my life where EVERYTHING fell apart—was released by you.

I feel like myself again. Like I used to. A different version, after all that I’ve slogged through over the last few years, but with my once-signature resiliency and optimism back in gear. Tons of men have started asking me out, I’ve got my mojo back, my vibe. Now that I’m not lugging around my ‘angry and sad vagina’, lol.
— V. B.

In order to have healthy functioning genitals we need a rich supply of blood flow to to and from them. When this blood flow becomes blocked with crystal like sedimentation and fatty deposits our sexual arousal response is greatly affected. Karsai Nei Tsang releases the blockages and sedimentation that cause poor blood flow to the genital area so that women can regain healthy sexual function. 

Karsai Nei Tsang works on  the genital area, a place where a particular high number of emotions are stored. These emotions can come from potty training, shame about the genitals, pain from traumatic sexual experiences, childbirth, physical injury or simply the disconnection from the genital are that is prevalent in many cultures.

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A Karsai Nei Tsang session starts with  an abdominal massage session, blockages in the abdominal area are first released so when the genital area is worked on, the circulation to and from the genitals will flow more freely. Please note that during a Karsai Nei Tsang session we work  inside the vagina, where  the  inner walls are massaged to release sedimentation, knots and tangles. 

This Treatment is not suitable for women during their menstruation, women using an IUD, women who are pregnant or women with venereal disease or cancer.

A session is 2 - 3 hours and costs 4000 THB

The experience of this massage was way richer than ever expected.
For me, the more profound experience came a couple of days after the massage had happened. I noticed, the quality of the dreams had changed. Generally, I am a victim in my dreams, meaning often people push me around, are mean or treat me in a way that is hurtful, this happens especially when I dream of my former boyfriends or family members. In all the dreams I have had since then, I defend myself. I tell the people what I don´t like, in some dreams I even fight.
I feel lighter in a way that I cannot describe in words as if something disappeared.. This experience brought a new perspective to my life, a new consciousness how I will treat myself, how I will take care of myself and for that I will be forever grateful.
It was an extraordinary and very liberating experience. Thank you Valerie!
— A.S

Lovely to meet you.

I'm Valerie. Maybe a friend mentioned my name or you stumbled upon my work online. Whatever path you took, I'm happy that you are here.

A Karsai Nei Tsang session requires a high degree of trust between the receiver and the practitioner and I’m dedicated to create a sacred and nurturing space for you to feel safe on this journey together.

I'm moved by numerous people who tell me that my sessions have sparked and sustained a profound and meaningful change in their life. Read their stories.