CNT course Testimonial Sarah Farelly and Olivia Gidman


Johanna Heinrich

When I ran into Valerie and heard about her teaching it I didn't have to think twice. Once you've met her you know why. I'm so grateful that the course happened and that she was my teacher. We had a lot of time for practicing and getting comfortable with giving massages, she was always there to help us out, give feedback and advice. She is very structured and organized which helps a lot to learn the sequence. The manual and course design was perfect and I could really see and feel that she was fully invested in the course. She made sure that everyone was comfortable to give a massage after those few days. If you have the chance to spend a few days with her and learn with and from her - do it! It's a one in a lifetime experience and I cannot recommend it enough. I am still amazed what I've learned in such a short time but with the right person everything is possible

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Danny Taylor

Before meeting Valerie, i could feel I was about to meet someone special. I also knew even before my first Chi Core session from Valerie that I would be doing the course with her,as if it was a calling......
And how grateful I am to her to that I did. Just meeting Valerie is a blessing on it's own and to have been able to learn from her is one of life's most precious gifts. The course is so well designed with a perfect flow that all sinks in directly making students ready and confident to become practitioners.
Chi Core is such a powerful tool which will help benefit the lives of so many others across the globe.
The love and care Valerie puts into the course, materials and students is priceless and will be cherished forever...My teacher, my beautiful friend.


Ali Choi

I highly highly recommend Valerie's Chi Core course! If you get a chance to take this course from her, don't miss your chance! Not only is she super knowledgeable, but she truly embodies the love and healing energy as a therapist and teacher. She makes learning easy with her beautiful visuals and well thought out manual. And the course is designed for you to be able to give full sessions right after you finish your training. Thank you so much for the valuable lessons and sharing this important healing modality with me and the other students! You are a treasure!


Hyun Won Hong

I signed up for Valerie's Chi Core course hoping to improve my healing techniques. Her course was significant for my bodywork journey. I've been practicing bodywork and energy healing seperately but she showed me the way how to practice bodywork and energywork together. Valerie is a teacher with a fluent knowledge of Chi Core and a variety of other energy healing modalities. She clearly knows what she's doing and why. Not only was the course both fun and challenging but Valerie’s direct feedback for improving my Chi Core was invaluable. She has a calm and logical method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me. I can’t speak highly enough of this course.


Csilla Kirchner

I came to Koh Phangan for some life changes with no expectation. When I had seen the sign about Chi Core course of Valerie, I knew it right away that is what I need and I was right. Valerie is so kind and helpful from the very first moment. The course was just like a beautiful big flow. Amazing the way how Valerie was teaching us in few days this unique healing technique. All movements and explanation was so clear and naturally simple and understandable. Danny was great help to Valerie and the whole group had a special energy from all over the world helping to learn. I feel this course was an exciting, wonderful start for my emotional and physical transformation, understanding better, getting much closer to myself, finding great passion and joy by helping people. Valerie is a magical woman, a kind person and a great inspiration. Thank you again!


Paul Gorman

I just completed Valerie’s Chi Core week long course. This was a fully hands on and theory
based workshop with lots of interaction with other course members. I have to say it was a wonderful
experience and I learned and felt so much about my own body that had been a mystery for years.
Valerie was very detailed and precise with all aspects of teaching the course. Her unique visuals and
coloured manuals keep us right on track for the sequence we learned throughout the week. Valerie
and her assistance Danny put a lot of emphasis on precision which made us really work to press the
right points in the body with the right pressure. After only one week with a practical exam at the end
I feel confident enough to be able to give a Chi Core session to others and I’m looking forward to
integrating this more into my life.


Kya Killasisa

I am very grateful to Valerie for the Chi Nei Core workshop . She is one of the best teachers I've ever met. Valerie explains everything in detail and teaches the right touch.
Valerie has a very pleasant energy, and she is a master of her craft. I`m so happy and grateful for the gift of meeting such a beautiful soul.


Sarah Louise

Whilst on holiday in Koh Phangan I attended the training with Valerie in Chi Core. This course exceeded my expectations and was amazing. Valerie is a wonderful teacher having a calm and patient nature. She made sure we all understood what we were learning and had got the flow going.
I would highly recommend her if you want to be trained in this wonderful treatment. It's great to receive and give.

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Akasha Januzzi Leva

Having had the honor of studying with Valerie Paris and learning such transformational and ancient knowledge of Chi Core, leaves me with little words and immense gratitude for this opportunity.

Her way of explaining, organising and sharing content - even when it comes to use technical anatomical terminologies and even if in original Latin spell - always fluent, easy to be assimilated and clear is combined with an incredibly loving and caring space holding resonance that create the perfect container for students to drop into confidence, let go of self doubt, feel centred, relaxed and receptive to the teachings.

I feel and have utter reverence and appreciation for Tao Valley, for Teacher Valerie and for having the possibility of serving others along their journey, being a perpetrator myself of this tradition.

Gracias Gracias Gracias

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Olivia Gidman

So much gratitude to meet this beautiful women and to receive teachings from her with this powerful work. The time, effort and love dedicated to make the manual and presentations doesn't go unnoticed and will be invaluable when you start giving sessions. You will be able to follow it with ease, feeling confident to provide sessions straight after the course

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Tatyana di Salvo

I’m so happy that my path crossed Valerie’s path. I’m even super surprised how Valerie takes care of her students. I felt in a space space and Valerie is passionate. In five days I learned things about my physical body that I was not even imagining. In some way this course helped me to heal parts of myself. In five days a lot of emotions came out of myself, a lot of dreams and memories. Really intense and super beautiful.

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Taina Koskimaki

I knew, that I had tension in my stomach. Some old, heavy, emotions were stuck there. I thought that the Chi Core, training could be the answer to me and to my pains in my stomach. Our teacher; Valerie, is a real Pearl. Her calmness and tranquility helped me to relax and learn a lot about my belly. Now I have tools how to take better care of myself. And also I learned to give session to other people! I am so enthusiastic about this method, so happy to practise and start giving sessions. Warm, big, thank you Valerie!


Jessa Christo

Thanks you so much valerie. Everything was so organized and efficient and i feel so grateful to have found you as my teacher. I loved and love it so much. I can't recommend your course enough!

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Matteo Morozzo

I highly recommend this course led by Valerie as she is very precise in her teachings and details to make it very easy and accessible for you to get a great amount of information that you need to absorb in order to give this kind of sessions. Valerie has all the knowledge especially the energy and commitment to pass on this technique and beautiful lineage of teachings.


Testimonials Sessions



"Deep subconscious feelings came up, burst and dissolved, I was fundamentally moved and and came out of that therapy in a state of bliss."

A few weeks ago a dear friend called me, very exited, and asked me to join him for a weekend on the island, he was raving about Valerie’s treatments and I took him up on his generous offer. Was I ever in in for the biggest surprise. after fasting and abstaining from alcohol for a couple of days, but still carrying the thoughts of an intense work week with me, I went and waited a few mins for her to get ready for my first treatment. From the moment I saw her, I knew that this was going to be something special. An incredible feeling of peace and stillness came over me, and with every touch I felt my stress and other, deeper feelings dissolve. I forgot time, and was in the “zone” for 1 1/2 hrs that passed like minutes. Feeling wonderful and refreshed, light and peaceful. That night I slept like I haven’t in a long time. A day later I met Valerie on the beach for the water therapy, another experience that I will never forget. Deep subconscious feelings came up, burst and dissolved, I was fundamentally moved and and came out of that therapy in a state of bliss. I am so looking forward to a follow up treatment! Thank you Valerie!!!!
— Nikolaus Prachensky, Austrian Consulate member



"One of the most profound healings' I have ever experienced."

My session with Valerie was one of the most profound healings’ I have ever experienced, ever. And the thing that struck me the most was the speed of the shifting. As soon as we began I could feel energy shifting and I could feel the emotions welling up and rising coming to the surface and releasing.

Later in the same session I went on to release what I consider the greatest release of emotional block ever. It was very profound and cathartic.

During my second session I experienced an exquisite unblocking of energy around a head energy I experienced about 6 months previously. It was also very profound. During this session I also experienced a deep release of some intestinal blockages! Powerful healing and releases!

At the end of my session I felt an overwhelming sense of love and gratitude. Something I had never felt to such a degree, it was incredibly beautiful!

I am eternally grateful to Valerie for the gift of her healing.

Valerie is an incredible healer and I would highly recommend anyone to book at least 2 sessions with her if at all possible!
— Martie Pineda, Author and Global Lifestyle Entrepreneur



"I got to see the power of a real healer."

Yesterday was one of the most amazing days of my life, not because I sky dived and had a threesome in the air but because I got to see the power of a real healer.
At about 4pm I was scheduled for an abdominal massage with Valerie. I never had one and I had some stomach issues so why not, I thought to myself.
I was welcomed beautifully; candles and incenses where lighten while relaxing music was playing in background. The atmosphere was perfect. The oil was warm and the touch was gentle. But I didn’t see what was about to come.
Valerie started to work her magic on me, pressing on different parts of my belly while instructing me what sounds (vowels) should I make with my exhale. Together we went deeper and deeper. I was touched in places I have never been touched before.
So much was released from these places, so much emotional pain, so much toxins, I felt the (cosmic) importance of what I was going through. Tears bursted out, I felt like those tears have been waiting to come out all my adult life.
And I wept for what seems like and hour, I couldn’t really tell because i was on a (shamanic) journey. It was the deepest cry I have ever had. It felt like I was cleansed from deep fears and doubts, cleansed from deep pain that was stuck very deep in my body. It felt like i cried for all these times that I wanted to and didn’t cry because I have been brought up with the LIE that men shouldn’t cry.
Valerie thank you for freeing this pain. Big gratitude. Namaste
— Adiel Mor, Musician

“There were a few times I swore I saw a bright light, only to open my eyes and see the dimly lit ceiling”

After battling Ulcerative Colitis for years and receiving a miraculous healing, thank God, my wife and I decided to leave everything and start fresh. My health improved, overall, but I still held a lot of tension in my stomach. I reached out to Valerie and she agreed to do a light session. During the session, some of my extremities went numb while she worked on areas that I hadn’t relaxed in years, only to come back after she moved to other areas that were just as bad. There were a few times I swore I saw a bright light, only to open my eyes and see the dimly lit ceiling; it was intense. Valerie has a way of feeling what you need and the skills to act upon those instincts in such a nurturing way that you can’t help but give over control and just relax. It’s been a few days since my session, and I haven’t felt this good in years. Thank you Valerie!
— Erik Hayton



"You really have changed my life and made a huge positive impact on me"

I had the pleasure of experiencing Valerie’s amazing energy for 2 Chi nei tsang sessions. It was one of the best things I have ever done. With in seconds I could feel the powerful energy waves coming from her hands. I feel she was drawn instinctively to areas where I had physical pain in my digestive area, which appear to relate to emotional trapped energy also. She was able to release some deep negative emotions I was carrying with me in my abdomen region. After the first session I felt amazingly happy and peaceful. I saw the world in brighter colours and found it hard to focus on any negative or stressful thoughts that would pass through my mind. My second session I felt the strong energy passing through my body again. At one point my hips completely released and realigned themselves when Valarie had her hand softly on my sacrum. It was incredible. After my second session I felt much taller and as if my energy had moved higher in my body. My eyes were also brighter (people commented and noticed also). I feel a general sense of inner peace and a huge release of many negative things I had been carrying with me for years. Thank you Valerie! You really have changed my life and made a huge positive impact on me and my perceptions. I can’t thank you enough! 
— Kaitlyn Wardle, USA


"I can’t really say yet what will come out of this extraordinary moment which I cannot compare in any way to my other experiences. I feel more connected to my inner child whose creativity and emotions I feel have been summoned to help me understand the challenges I face today."

It is the end of the day, a gentle soul enters my house. A moment later, small candles are lit, spread on the floor like little stars, their soft warm light confirming the peace and harmony that had already settled in through Valerie’s calm voice and explanations. Chi Nei Tsang session can start.

Having been in contact with multiple forms of healing techniques (Reiki, Fascia massage therapy, Fire Dragon…) and being a Reiki practitionner, I have to fight a bit with myself not to be too much of an observer and to allow myself to fully let go. A few minutes later, all is forgotten, Valerie’s gentle touch and energy, carry me far away from those thoughts, into another world of serenity and pure love. Her hands gently run on me (I want to insist on this because I was initially also a bit worried about receiving an abdominal massage, a part of my body which is quite sensitive) in a natural flow that allows me to let go. As this happens, as my body becomes completely relaxed and starts talking (little stomach voices), while colorful and inspiring joyful images visit my now traveling mind, what stays with me through the entire session is the infinite and unconditional love that I feel that I am receiving. This is something that I have been missing in my life. It seems that Valerie’s touch has somehow reached this part of me and, in the most genuine way, answered my silent request on multiple level, leaving me at peace, regenerated.

I can’t really say yet what will come out of this extraordinary moment which I cannot compare in any way to my other experiences. I feel more connected to my inner child whose creativity and emotions I feel have been summoned to help me understand the challenges I face today. Thank you Valérie. You are a unique healer.
— Vincent Briggs, Co-owner Tantawan resort



"Two sessions with her  sent me through a full on spiritual \ energetic journey."

Valerie was my first Aqua experience ever. 2 sessions with her ignited a massive chain reaction that sent me through a full on spiritual\ energetic journey. I strongly recommend to have a taste of her amazing , confident and loving hands and heart!
— Ariel Harpaz, Co-Founder of Wonderland Healing Center



"These sessions were a key element in a very profound time for me there."

Valerie performed three sessions of chi nei tsang on me during my 7 day fast at the Orion healing centre. These sessions were a key element in a very profound time for me there. I guess we all hold so much tension in our abdomen which massively impacts on everything from how we absorb trauma (mental) to our relationship with food (physical) as well as the follow on implications for our spiritual lives and how our energy flows become blocked and become rather warped. Chi nei tsang involves a high level of trust between practitioner and patient - I am very grateful to have been able to put my trust in Valerie and received such wonderful healing as a result. Thank you Valerie.
— Simon de Borchgrave, Founder and Director



"My Chi Nei Tsang experience with Valerie felt out of this world"

My Chi Nei Tsang experience with Valerie felt out of this world. I went in a profound meditation state during the session and I felt a deep healing effect afterwards. I think that the session we had helped me to clean my energy and also understand what parts of my body I have to heal and take care of. She told me as well what is the negative emotion I have been storing in my body and this is very fascinating as she was right! The experience with Valerie is unique for each and every one of us. There is no exact result. It is like “a la carte” experience. Each person gets his own “tailored emotional diagnosis”, which suits him/her the best. I recommend Valerie to all my friends because, in my option, she understands the root of all problems, our deep emotions (which, sometimes can be subconscious). She finds the parts of the body that stores the bad emotion and then she will treat that part of the body. I personally felt a strong effect on my “problematic organ” and felt a relief afterwards. And I will see her again for sure during my next trip to Koh Pangan!
— Larisa Grajdieru Loos, Business Owner



 "I felt electrified, relaxed, full of warmth and comfort and it took some time to even understand what happened to me in these 90 minutes."

Just got a healing session in this beautiful environment @ The Yogarden, Samui. To be honest, I am not into this healing stuff that much, but what I received and experienced with Valerie was far beyond my expectations. I really felt my whole body open up and receive the energy. I felt an enormous release of pain and energy movement. At the end I felt electrified, relaxed, full of warmth and comfort and it took some time to even understand what happened to me in these 90 minutes. I can highly recommend Valerie’s treatment and for sure I will do it again, as I know now that she can guide me to a point I didn’t even know I could get to. Thank you so much Valerie!
— Stefan Kunze, Consultant



"In just one session she reversed a condition that has been found irreversible by multiple doctors and 2 years of tests."

Valerie performs miracles! In just one session she reversed a condition that has been found irreversible by multiple doctors and 2 years of tests. The next morning I felt that my energy and power was coming back. After the second session I felt and looked 10 years younger. She brought my vitality back! Thank you, Valerie!
— Katya Ermolaeva, USA



My eyes light up, which also reflects your essence. You give with an open heart.

— Klaus Julitz, Yoga teacher



"The session left me in a state of deep emotional release that I swear, I never saw coming." 

First I must make comment on the way Valerie presents herself in the world, or at least my perception of that. This woman embodies grace, humbleness and wisdom. Her presence is calm and assured; it holds space for you and only you when you interact. She listens and interacts with intuition. She is a mother is her own respect. However, not too serious, she is playful, she is your friend. Of course I had felt these things when I first met her but this was really communicated to me in our session. I surrendered to this woman with my heart open. I left my expectations on the beach and let her and the water do its work. I don’t think the individual can fathom the power that this therapy holds, as for me the experience was profound and surreal. Valerie moves you through the water in a way that flows, hence the name water-flow, in which you must relax and surrender fully. This is truely experienced when she takes you underwater, sometimes for extended moments and you must trust that you are being supported and guided. I can only percieve what happened as a movment through the spaces of the imagination, the subconscious- I felt her as a celestial friend, an angel, a mother. I was unsure of what was happening, only that it was, and because of my deep relaxed state there was no chance to attatch a story or try to comprehend the whys and whats. She held me close and held the space, and allowed me to feel and be, deeply. I was literally and figuratively floating. The session left me in a state of deep emotional release that I swear, I never saw coming. And she held me. And she was there for me like the mother for the child, the guardian angel for the human, the container for the water. As I cried, I told her, “i dont understand, i dont understand” - for as long as it took she held me and when I finally came-to she made a suggestion for me to stay quiet and pure to allow what happened to continue to move through me and do its work. It has remained with me for days now, and it goes deeper as I interact with the world, partake in other forms of healing, even as I write this testimony. The work that she, that we did, that day on the beach was paradoxically gentle and revolutionary. Once again, I underestimate the capacity of human consiousness and its depth and how medicines such as warm ocean water; surrendering to flow; trusting the space holders, the Valeries that unlock this ancient memory and bring us back to the power we hold within. So my ultimate gratitude goes the flow that moves us, the flow that brought me and Valerie together that day on the beach. And of course to Valerie, the medicine woman, my friend and guide to the deep waters of my self.
— Thangmo, Writer




"The session was a magical and harmonious experience. "

As I met Valerie she was kind and open. At the session in the ocean with her, she was very sensitive, tuned and grounded. Being underwater during the session was a magical and harmonious experience.
— Alon Geva, Spiritual teacher


" I feel more free from worry, more resilient, lighter, more open, unburdened, taller, stronger."

Valerie’s gentle, loving manner made it easy to relax and surrender to the work my body and spirit were ready to do. She created a safe container for me to feel comfortable with the unknown, with whatever came up that needed to move through. It was very natural to trust her as a practitioner, and the time flew by. 90 minutes felt like 30. I went into a deep, meditative state; lead by her energy work and unspoken guidance. She really listened and navigated the session gracefully with the information she was receiving. It was beautiful and powerful, to say the least. In the days since, I feel more free from worry, more resilient, lighter, more open, unburdened, taller, stronger.

Infinite gratitude and appreciation,

— Lindsay Schubert




"It was an intense and liberating experience and emotionally I react different to situations."

It was an intense and liberating experience. I feel a lot more free and expansive in my abdominal area and I notice that emotionally I react different to situations. Thank you very much!
— Lodewijks Scholtens, Entrepreneur and retreat leader



"I felt some uncomfortable feelings arise from within, but felt entirely able to dive into them safely in her care."

I felt safe and cared for before, during and after the massage. She took the time to create a beautiful space with a calming ambience. She has an intuitive touch and can sense what areas need extra attention. I felt some uncomfortable feelings arise from within, but felt entirely able to dive into them safely in her care. After the massage, she took the time to listen to me process some of those feelings and emotions and with my permission, offered some of her own thoughts. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to receive this massage from Valerie.
— Leslie Nitake, Designer



"The most relaxing experience I have ever had."

Valerie’s Aqua Magic session was the most relaxing experience I have ever had. The combination of ‘letting go’ , the water, the streching moves was simply amazing. When she took me under water.....I was so relaxed that I could hold my breath so long that I never wanted to surface again and stay in that submerged, serene state of mind. Thank you Valerie for that pure experience.
— Remco Ernandes, Tourism Development manager



"I’ve sought out energy work all over the world over the years. Only occasionally do you find someone like this. ”

It has been 3.5 months since I saw you. I wanted to let you know that my time with you was of the profound sort that I have experienced only once before, a decade ago, with another supernaturally gifted woman. What I was carrying around—this dark sadness and self loathing I’d internalized as a side effect of a horrible time I went through in my life where EVERYTHING fell apart—was released by you.
I feel like myself again. Like I used to. A different version, after all that I’ve slogged through over the last few years, but with my once-signature resiliency and optimism back in gear. Tons of men have started asking me out, I’ve got my mojo back, my vibe. Now that I’m not lugging around my ‘angry and sad vagina’, lol.
I’ve sought out energy work all over the world over the years. Only occasionally do you find someone like this.
I can’t express how grateful I am to have had the good fortune to stumble across you as I did. I feel that the Universe was looking out for me and lead me your way.
— Bea B, USA



"She has a very soothing and intuitive touch that allowed me to sink deeper into the process. "

The CNT massage I recieved from Valerie was uplifting. She has a very soothing and intuitive touch that allowed me to sink deeper into the process. I also felt she really tuned into my energy to really give me what I needed then. I would recommend for anyone who wants assistance on a detox or clearing old energy’s. It is a gift to recieve and I am deeply grateful to that process.
— Kieran Kosi, Dancer



"It was beautiful. I felt a huge energetic shift afterwards."

I have a very sensitive belly and hesitated for a long time before seeing Valerie. And then it was a really amazing experience! I felt completely safe, Valerie knew intuitively how much pressure I could handle. And I could strongly feel the energies coming into a flow, connecting my lower chakras with my heart. It was beautiful. I felt a huge energetic shift afterwards. Thank you so much, Valerie!
— Marie, Medical Doctor and Yoga teacher



"It made me feel more connected with the people close to me, more connected with myself"

My cousin, told me I should really meet her, and so I did. What a beautiful person and what a serene energy she has, Valerie. She told me about Chi Nei Tsang. Immediately I was interested and I really wanted to experience it.
Back in Holland I give ayahuasca ceremonies and went on a spiritual journey a lot of times. Because of that I thought that I knew myself and that I knew the pain and anger in me. I thought I was ok with my emotions and with myself. The Chi Nei Tsang would only be a beautiful and relaxing experience. Boy, was I wrong. The Chi Nei Tsang is powerful and showed me emotions I had put far away. It was a beautiful and an emotional experience. I felt energy rushing through my body. I had to cry a lot but it felt really good and it was ok. It made me feel more connected with Valerie and afterwards more connected with the people close to me. More connected with myself
— Guido van der Griend, Psychologist



"Valerie has a natural Gift of healing Chi."

Valerie has a natural Gift of healing Chi & all are blessed with her care and attention who receive her work. The session I received in spring 2012 was amazing...Hope you make it out to Maui some day
— Madhav Ananda, Astrologist


"I instantly felt lighter in my body, as if I had let go of a lot of excess baggage  that was dragging me down."

I am so happy and grateful to have received a Chi Nei Tsang massage from Valerie, I instantly felt lighter in my body, as if I had let go of a lot of excess baggage or weight that was dragging myself down, later that day I had a huge release of anger that came very gently and I was able to easily detach from the emotion watching it float by like a cloud. The next days after I felt at peace, being more gentle and playful during my yoga practice.

Valerie is fantastic at creating a sacred space that allows oneself to completely relax and feel comfortable with whatever is arising during the massage!
Thank you Valerie I am very grateful for this experience with you, much love Karlee
— Karlee Bibdee, Yoga teacher