After the Chi Nei Tsang session it's great to do the detoxifying circles for general maintenance at home. 

Detoxifying starts at the navel. The more time we spent around the navel the better. These simple detoxifiying circles jump starts the entire detoxifying process, which greatly impacts health. By freeing toxins an inner message is sent and detoxification begins.

The liver and kidneys process more and the lymphatic system mobilizes. At the same time the flow of stored nutrients balances the body’s metabolism, realeases abdominal pressure, accesses structural patterns of tension that influences the whole external structure of the body. These lead to the processing of body fat, better elimination, improvement of lympahtic drainage, a better flow of the bile and increased liver functions. 

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Instructional video

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*Prepare the belly with some oil and start above the naval.

*Sink in with the finger , using the finger pads and make circles counter clock wise. 

*Move from one point to the other in a clockwise spiral. When you feel tension, shake or vibrate. End at the right hip.

Remember the big spiral is clockwise (green) and  the finger circle is counter clock wise. (blue small spiral)  


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