Abdominal Detox

Taoist visceral manipulation bodywork and massage which emphasizes moving Chi energy to the abdominal organs to detoxify and strengthen the body. Chi Core Therapy helps to reconnect with parts of ourselves that we have cut off from  awareness - feeling parts - listening and differentiating to begin processing emotional charges.


Chi Core Therapy helps establish connection with the very center from which healing arises. When communication with this center is established, directives for recovery come from within, leading to a process of adjustment perceived at all levels of existence; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It establishes a growth in the individual toward evolution and maturity.


The lower abdomen is the very center of the body, the place from which breath and movement originate. It is the structural center of gravity and the center for metabolic processes such as digestion, detoxification, and energy processing. In Traditional Oriental Medicine and martial arts this center, called the hara in Japanese or tantien in Chinese, is believed to be the body’s center of energy, the powerhouse where vital energy originates.

By working mainly on the abdomen with deep soft and gentle touch that trains internal organs to work more efficiently, all of the body systems are addressed; digestion , respiration lymphatic, nervous, endocrine, urinary, reproductive, skeleton muscular as well as the energy system as commonly used in accupunture and chi kung medicine.

A session costs 2500 THB

I was touched in places I have never been touched before. So much was released from these places, so much emotional pain, so much toxins, I felt the importance of what I was going through. Tears bursted out, I felt like those tears have been waiting to come out all my adult life. I wept for what seems like and hour, It was the deepest cry I have ever had. It felt like I was cleansed from deep fears and doubts, cleansed from deep pain that was stuck very deep in my body. It felt like i cried for all these times that I wanted to and didn’t cry because I have been brought up with the LIE that men shouldn’t cry. Valerie thank you for freeing this pain.
— Adi Mor, Musician

It was one of the best things I have ever done. With in seconds I could feel the powerful energy waves coming from her hands. I feel she was drawn instinctively to areas where I had physical pain in my digestive area, which appear to relate to emotional trapped energy also. She was able to release some deep negative emotions I was carrying with me in my abdomen region. After the first session I felt amazingly happy and peaceful. I saw the world in brighter colours and found it hard to focus on any negative or stressful thoughts that would pass through my mind. My second session I felt the strong energy passing through my body again. At one point my hips completely released and realigned themselves when Valarie had her hand softly on my sacrum
— Kaitlyn Wardle

My Chi Nei Tsang experience with Valerie was out of this world. I went in a profound meditation state during the session and I felt a deep healing effect afterwards.
— Larisa Grajdieru Loos