Aqua Magic


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Aquatic Bodywork

Aqua Magic therapy supports and gently moves a person through water in graceful and fluid movements. It’s a combination of water shiatsu and water dance which promotes a deep state of relaxation. During an AquaMagic session, a range of emotions can come up and be released into the process of continuous flow. 


As unique as each individual is, everyone experiences AquaMagic differently. Perceptions range from the deepest states of relaxation to shifts in the perception of time and space; from regressing to childhood to re-experiencing prenatal or birth-specific events. Memories of old injuries may arise from the subconscious and the body spontaneously releases stress from the past. 

A session costs 1500 THB

The Aqua Magic session left me in a state of deep emotional release that I swear, I never saw coming. Valerie was there for me like the mother for the child. It has remained with me for days now, and it goes deeper as I interact with the world and partake in other forms of healing.
— Thangmo USA

Deep subconscious feelings came up, burst and dissolved, I was fundamentally moved and and came out of that therapy in a state of bliss
— Nikolaus Prachensky, Austria
Photography Olivia Pino

Photography Olivia Pino